Ebony wood frame/Spring hinges/grey polarised lens

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Found in East Africa, ebony wood has a high saturation of color and a natural glossy sheen. Due to the depth of tone the typically straight grain is not easily made out, though it is fine and uniform in texture. The hardness of ebony can make it challenging to work with so tools are routinely checked and sharpened to reduce pulling and poor edging.


  • WHILE OTHER WOODEN SUNGLASSES brands sometimes look and feel weak, have stiff plastic hinges, pinch behind the ears or simply break after only a few uses, WOODBEAT wayfarer wooden sunglasses are designed to eliminate all of those problems. The wood temples fold perfectly over each other both ways, the ear pieces do not pinch and the hinges are made of metal and are outward flexible. This means the sunglasses feel solid, last longer and are more comfortable. You will love this classic and vintage wayfarer.
  • Lens width: FULL PROTECTION AGAINST THE SUN – No more squinting your eyes, because Woodbeat dark Ebony wood wayfarer sunglasses are equipped with dark mirrored polarised thermal cured lenses, which provide a ultra clear vision and protect against glare and UV radiation. They are further equipped with an anti-reflective coating and are designed to withstand accidental impacts. Lens width: 54 millimetres
  • Anti-reflective
  • HOP ON THE TREND and look at your best with these beautiful wayfarer sunglasses with a matte black front and wooden temples. Wooden sunglasses have been hot for some time now, but the darker natural walnut wood is by far the most popular style at the moment. Each pair has its own unique wood grain and everybody just loves the darker natural wood. Combined with the dark reflective lenses you will look at your very best and everybody will tell you how cool your wood sunglasses are.
  • SUNGLASSES SHOULD COMPLIMENT YOUR STYLE – We believe that whether you are an outdoor lover or have a busy job (or both) your sunglasses should protect your eyes and compliment your style at the same time, no matter what. You can count on WOODBEAT polarised wayfarer sunglasses to do exactly that.
  • WE ARE AVAILABLE TO OUR CUSTOMERS – We are real people behind the WOODBEAT brand, serving real people. We stand by our products and will help you if something is not right. You can rely on an exceptional customer service experience. Forget about horrible customer service and buy from WOODBEAT.

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